Hunting Kodiak Brown Bears with Cole Kramer

During springtime on Kodiak Island in Alaska where I live, the giant brown bears are coming out of hibernation and searching for food. Big-game hunters from all over the world are headed for Kodiak Island for a brown bear hunt Continue reading

Dan Hanus on how Bergara Custom Rifles are bedded

Here at Bergara USA we bed our rifles utilizing a combination of aluminum pillar installation and Marine Tex bedding. Today we will cover pillars and how they affect your rifle. The benefits of using pillars when bedding a rifle in Continue reading

Long Range Riflemen Can Help Farmers Now

In many states to help farmers reduce the amount of damage to their crops from wildlife, those departments of conservation, fish and game commissions or agriculture departments will issue crop depredation permits. These permits allow landowners or agents of landowners Continue reading

How to Hunt an Uphill and Downhill Running Deer

An important factor that determines your aiming point when you’re trying to take a buck that’s running away from you is whether he’s running uphill or downhill. “If the deer runs uphill, you increase the lead past his nose,” Dr. Continue reading

Making 300+ Yard Shots on Game with Steve DeMers

Making accurate shots from 300 yards out requires paying attention to detail – knowing how to dope your scope, how to make accurate readings with your range finder and how to keep your rifle consistently shooting accurately every time you Continue reading

Caliber Selection for Coyote Hunting

I met Steve DeMers of Whitehall, Montana, some years ago when I was mule deer hunting with Chad Schearer, the public-relations director of Black Powder, Inc. Before my trip to Montana, I had asked Schearer, “Do you know a really Continue reading

Bergara Offers Two New Lines of Affordable Rifles This Year

Bergara started as a barrel company, and the company makes barrels for a number of highly-respected gun manufacturers. From that business, BPI has developed a custom rifle business. The BPI folks thought that since our company made the barrels being Continue reading

Using Small Calibers to Hunt Deer

I was opening my gun case to get a rifle out that I planned to hunt with on Anticosti Island in Canada. When my guide asked, “What’s that little pop gun?” and pointed to my .243 sitting next to my Continue reading