Late-Season Shrubs and Fruits for Taking More Deer

Allen Deese with the Wildlife Group ( suggests you plant a permanent food plot of bushes and trees for the most-economical way to feed and attract deer. The permanent food plot will feature trees and shrubs planted all the way Continue reading

What Fruit do Your Deer Eat in the Summer and Fall?

If you plant peaches, which mature in the late spring and early summer, peaches will help you concentrate deer on your property, hunting lease or hunting club early. Too, many hunters completely overlook blackberry bushes as an early-season plant for Continue reading

Planting and Hunting Y-shaped Food Plots

If you understand the Y design of green field planting, you not only can see and take more bucks, but you’ll have a productive deer hunting site for your Bergara Custom Rifle. The Y-shaped green field enables the hunter to Continue reading

How to Improve your Hunting Property by Reducing Pressure

The only way to eliminate hunting pressure is to reduce the number of hunters who hunt any given piece of property or reduce the number of times each hunter goes onto that land. However, our deer-hunting experts we’ve talked with Continue reading

Choosing the Bedding and the Case for your Ultimate Deer Rifle

  So far in building the ultimate deer rifle the past couple of weeks, we’ve talked about the component parts that you can see. But the bedding of the rifle is just as important as these other parts – maybe Continue reading